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  • What Lindsay Ell Is Doing Now to Help Her Fellow Rape Victims
    Embedded from www.youtube.com. In Lindsay Ell’s bittersweet new ballad “Make You,” she reveals a lot. Of herself, of her trauma, of her shame, and of her healing. Now we know why. “I have never shared this with you guys… but through healing we reach new levels of honesty with ourselves and what made us who... […]
  • The Reason Why Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Are Postponing Their All-Request Show
    It’s OOAAOC. That the acronym we’ve all been hearing too much of during this coronavirus pandemic. It stands for Out Of An Abundance Of Caution, and it’s why Garth Brooks announced on Monday (July 6) that he would be postponing his virtual Facebook Live concert he’d planned for July 7. Brooks and his wife Trisha... […]
  • UPDATE: Country Stars Share Their Own Charlie Daniels Memories and Moments
    Once the news of the death of country music’s legendary songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Daniels was out, the country community came out in full force to share their memories of the man who meant so much to so many. Travis Tritt posted a picture that speaks volumes about his love for Daniels. “My heart... […]

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